Sunday, August 2, 2009

Online Forex Trading System

Money Forex Trader is a foreign exchange trading technology for Forex market makers (dealers) and Forex brokers. Money Forex Trader Trading Platform presents the most complete set of features covering all areas of Forex trading, what makes it the number one on the global Forex trading software market today.
Easy to use client interface: flexible dealing rates styles; intuitive trading dialogs; "one-click" order placement or position closing; ability to close all outstanding positions at once; simple installation and upgrade; multilingual; customizable colors and fonts, sound alarm schemas, and user templates.

Multiple types of orders: market; position close; entry stop/limit; position stop-loss/limit-profit working as OCO; stop-loss/limit-profit placed on entry orders.

Multi-currency: ability to monitor profit/loss and account exposure in currency of your choice; multiple accounts in different currencies; option of switching the view of account information from one currency to another.

Universal Trading Account: system supports orders of any size.

Integrated charting: based on real-time dealing rates; various chart intervals; many chart styles (such as candlestick, bar, line); Bid and Ask charts; flexible trend lines; Fibonacci projections and retracements; current rate indication line and spread band; drawing object opacity customization for easy chart reading; export to MetaStock; virtually unlimited history length.

Studies and scripting: 30+ built-in indicators; multiple indicators on one chart; customizable indicator parameters, colors, and thickness; intuitive indicator builder with built-in language.

Trading from the charts: all orders and positions are displayed on the chart; modify or cancel order right from the chart (either by clicking or dragging); close position from the chart.

On-line reporting: accessible from browser, for any time frame, trading results are reflected immediately (not in the end of the day); comprehensive account statement.

Reliable connectivity: instant notification of connection failure, secure, works with firewalls and proxy servers, works with unreliable or poor connections.


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