Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 5 Places to Invest Your Money

You work hard for your money and you do not want to lose it due to a recession. Here are the top 5 places to invest your money in a recession.

- Now is the time to invest in buying homes since home prices are down and it is a buyer's market. This is an excellent opportunity to invest your money in the housing market. The time line always changes where gold is high or low, houses are high or low or interest rates are high or low. Things will change again where houses are more expensive and it will be a seller's market. If you invest your money now in houses, apartments, condo's, etc., you will be sure to make a fantastic profit in your money.

- Another one of the top 5 places to invest your money in a recession is to safely put your money into a CD or a certificate of deposit. With a CD you will put your money in the bank for a certain amount of time at a set interest rate. This means that for the amount of time you agree to put your money in the CD, your interest rate will not go lower or higher. This is a good thing so the interest rate cannot go lower on your hard earned money. Before putting your money into a CD for a certain amount of time, make sure the bank has FDIC insurance. If the bank has FDIC insurance your money is safe if the bank were to close in the recession.

With FDIC insurance, money and interest up to $250,000 is insured by the government. To find out if your bank is FDIC insured, check the FDIC website for peace of mind. Before putting your money into a CD make sure you are going to keep your deposit in the CD for the amount of time you agree to. If you end up needing the money early, you will be penalized. A good way to invest money into CD's is to invest so that every three months the CD is due. When investing every three months you will have money at your fingertips and in your pockets.

- These days you can safely make money by putting your money into a checking account. You can find a checking account that may pay up to 6 percent on your money. You can check online at for excellent banks to open a checking account with the high percentage rates. If you use an ATM card, read the small print and check the ATM fee so you are not wasting all of your interest money you make by paying fees. Also, make sure you check how much of a balance you need to have in the checking account and how often you need to use your debit card to be able to participate according to the bank's rules.

- A savings account is one of the top 5 places to invest your money in a recession. You can earn a safe low percentage rate while keeping your money in a savings account. Make sure you read the small print on the rules of the bank you are thinking of putting your money in so you get the best deal.

- The last of the top 5 places to invest your money in a recession is to invest your money into stocks, but it is wise to invest over a long- term versus a short-term. Investing in stocks is riskier; therefore you will make more money than if you had invested your money in bonds. If you can leave your money invested in stocks for a long period, you can make and lose money but in the end you should come out well ahead.

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