Monday, June 22, 2009

Forex Success Key Points And 7 Reasons of Forex Trading

3 Primary Reasons to Trade with Asia Kapitalindo

1. Asia Kapitalindo is a very respectable broker.

Aside from being registered to all three Indonesian futures associations: Bappebti, BBJ and KBI, there is no bad word-of-mouth nor bad review from the internet about Asia Kapitalindo. News spread really fast on the internet and yet there has NEVER been any bad mouthing of Asia; that's pretty impressive we must say.
2. Asia Kapitalindo provides a fixed spread of 5 pips.
There are many international brokers that claim to provide low pips as low as 1-2 pips but widen the spread to tens of pips during certain times. Asia Kapitalindo's spread might be relatively larger than the
Forex Faculty thinks that forex trading is the ultimate way to take you to your financial freedom. But why? What are the reasons? Are they good? Also as importantly, are they valid?
There are a lot of people that have reached their financial freedom state. Take Bill Gates as an example. We bet a hundred bucks that he's financially free now. Did he get there by forex trading? Maybe, we don't know him personally but we're pretty sure it was most likely due to his business in developing the "Windows" platform.
Besides Bill Gates, there are a lot of other people that do not have to worry about their financial state but they have never been involved in currency trading before. So why does Forex Faculty make this controversial claim?
We want to persuade you that there is a very strong reason to start forex trading. This is one of the financial foundations toward a successful forex trading. You must realize the potential of forex trading before you can have the right mindset, attitude, and confidence while trading. And as you have probably known, having those 3 components are crucial in to make the appropriate decision during forex trading.
So first of all, let's be clear about the state of being "financially free". We should list the criteria of being financial freedom. We believe that achieving financial freedom should have the followings characteristics:

1. having sufficient income to cover the current "wants"
2. #1 should not be bounded by location, that is, having sufficient money anywhere
3. #1 should not be bounded by time, that is, having sufficient money anytime
4. #1 should be fast paced, that is, sufficient income should come at a rapid pace
5. #1 should be based on a safe environment, that is, can get income safely without worrying about scam, fraud, and the likes
6. there has to be a LOT of opportunity for #1. That is, when 1 opportunity is gone, another one is already at hand to be operated on
7. attaining #1 should be simple enough, that it does not require tremendous hardwork.
These are the Key Success Factor in attaining financial freedom. That means, if your curent job has a very strong similarty to those characteristics, then you are pursuing your financial freedom in the most effective way possible. And this is exactly the case with Forex Trading.
Forex Trading:

1. if successful, is one of the best source of income to cover all your "needs" and "wants". That is because it promises an unlimited return while at the same time you can significantly minimize the risk.
2. is not bounded by location. You can trade currencies anywhere there is an internet connection
3. is not bounded by time. You can trade currencies anytime as long as you are connected to the internet
4. is happening in a very fast pace fluctuating market. That means, you can earn a lot of money at a very rapid rate.
5. is very safe. As long as you are trading with a registered, trustable and respectable broker, your money is basically sitting there, untouched, for your trading convinience
6. involves 2 vertical dimensions and typically more than 5 horizontal dimensions. Whether the market is going down or up, you can earn money. And when a market of a specific currency is not presenting good opportunity, you can always switch to another market.
7. And lastly, forex trading is one of the simplest forms of investments.



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