Sunday, June 28, 2009

Global Forex Marketing

Q. How can I break into emerging markets?
A. Not with global campaigns - with a local campaigns covering the gloab
FXPR runs campaigns in Japanese, Russian, Ararbic, Spanish, and Chinese on top search engines around the world. Keywords and ads are targeted to the native language of each country and placed on relevant and popular sites. We use our knowledge of foreign markets to make the best possible placements. Google is king but not everywhere. For example, we know that the Japanese are all about Yahoo, and Russians mostly use a native search engine called Rambler. For each country there are tactics and rules and we know them all!
Our experts create and manage in language advertising all over the world.
Q. How can I control cost?
A. By testing, testing, testing and retesting.
FXPR optimizes our localized advertising by endlessly testing and retesting all elements of the campaign. From banner location to the landing page design, FXPR’s metrics-driven approach will ensure that your cost-per-lead stays at your comfort level. Take a look at what we did for a client’s Google AdWords campaign:

Q. Where can I find good leads that convert?
A. By getting the right message to the right people.
FXPR breaks potential traders into several categories and tailors ads to target each category. By doing this we deliver the kind of leads that our clients look for. We build on this basic customer breakdown by creating ads and banding campaigns directed at each group that reflects the strengths and selling points of your firm.



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