Thursday, July 9, 2009

Important Baby Pips Free Forex Trading

Baby Pips is not against using a bit of humor to teach potential Forex traders the basics of currency exchange. Users register for free Forex trading training, and start with a $10,000 practice account. The Forex training at Baby Pips centers on a basic concept -- "Make pips, Keep pips, Repeat." Baby Pips offers users a "school curriculum" style of Forex trading training -- users progress through different "grades" as they learn how to use Forex. Starting in Pre-school ("Forex basics"), users move up through Kindergarten ("Different types of charts"), and eventually make it all the way to college, where they learn about more complex issues such as "US Dollar Index" and the impact of "Trading news" on the Forex market. This familiar progression makes it easy for users to know where they're at in their Forex trading training plan, and is further evidence of the attitude at Baby Pips. These guys don't take the market too seriously, making it seem like an easier world to break in to. When was the last time you laughed out loud during a discussion of Fibonacci ratios and the golden mean? The writers and site admins at Baby Pips blog regularly right on the Baby Pips home page, making their advice and encouragement easily accessible to site users. There is also a very active Forum community at Baby Pips, and a huge glossary of Forex trading terms known as the "Forexpedia".
Some traders won't like the humorous interface between the user and the training, and still others may be too far advanced in their understanding of financial markets for Baby Pips to do much good. But those people interested in jumping into the Forex market who have little or no experience in markets should point their browsers to Baby Pips -- free Forex training with a sense of humor.



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