Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forex News: U.S. Dollar and U.S. Housing Both Drop

Just days ago the U.S. dollar dropped greatly after a report was released that showed United States housing decreasing to its lowest level in fourteen years as of last month. This is also one more concern for the U.S. economy, considering that the drop in housing can have a great effect on how quickly it progresses.If the housing market is not strong and the U.S. economy continues to move slowly, Federal Reserve policy-makers may have to be informed in order to reduce benchmark interest rates once again. The current rate is 4 & 3/4 percent, and the Federal officials will meet at the end of this month to discuss the changes."The U.S. housing market is going to continue to be a significant drag on the overall U.S. economy, and the U.S. dollar is going to weaken as a result," mentioned Firas Askari. Askari is the top forex trader at BMO Capital Markets of Toronto."The Federal Reserve is more likely to be easing rates, maybe not on Oct. 31, but definitely within the next three to six months," Askari said.Late this morning, forex trading in New York showed the euro increasing to 0.4% higher than before with a value of 1.4215 U.S. dollars. The dollar index, unfortunately, dropped 0.35% to 78.057. Stay posted for more upcoming Forex news in relation to the value of the U.S. dollar.



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