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Domain Name For Forex Sites

Domain Name For Forex Sites

Forex Special is a Place in which You have Multiple Option to get Forex Domains.

If you are going to become an affiliate in the Forex world, you will have to pick a domain name. As a beginner, you might want to start with just one domain. Later on, as your experience grows, you can expand and manage couple of domains at the same time. How to pick up the right domain name? Where and how to register your domain? Is it possible to get a free domain for your Forex site?

Choosing domain requires some serious thinking and searching. First of all, decide what your Forex website will be about: Forex brokers reviews, Forex forum, Forex blog, Forex education, Forex software, Forex trading platforms etc. Once you have figured out your website theme, choose the domain name with the theme keywords. In fact, brainstorm with 5 top keywords, pair them up, add prefixes and/or suffixes to come up with a good domain ideas. For example, if you decide to make Forex education, a good domain may sound like:

LearnForex.com, or StartForexTrading.com, or ForexTradingGuide.com

Here are couple of more things you should know while choosing a domain for you Forex website:

1. Domain Endings - nothing better than .com

You have probably already noticed the variety of domain endings, such as .net, .org, .tv, however there is nothing better than com. Don't fall for cheaper domains because of the endings other then .com. It is just not worth it.

2. Amount of Words - The Less, the Better

First of all, since your website is about Forex, the domain name must have "Forex" in it somewhere, preferably in the beginning. Don't go overboard by using more than 3 words in the domain.

3. Hyphens and Numbers are Bad

If you can avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain name - perfect! Hyphens might look better for a human eye, but for Google and other search engine they are just obstacles.

4. Don't Look for Misspelling

I completely understand the need to be unique and have an image of a genius over the net; however, don't use difficult words in the domain name because it will only lead to misspelling. The words for your Forex website should be short, easy-to-spell and memorable. Avoid words, such as ecstasy, millennium, irresistible, sacrilegious etc. in your Forex domain!

Now it is time to register the domain for your Forex site. Before buying a domain name via Go Daddy or similar domain registrars, check whether your hosting provider gives away free domain with the hosting plan. Some hosting providers offer free the domain upon the purchase of the plan.

Search to see if the domain name you have come up with is available (there is a domain search with every registrar). Don't be too disappointed to find that all of the wanted domain names for your Forex sites are already taken by someone else. In the worst case scenario add hyphen between words, or try to brainstorm some more with words related to your Forex website topic.

Once you have found the available domain, click through, make the payment (unless you get a domain for free from your hosting provider), and you are all done! You are an official owner of a domain!

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