Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forex Mutant

Not much is revealed about Forex Mutant except that the developer of the system is adamant that people are kept in the dark concerning forex trading. The product has a lot of statistic graphs showing what the software is capable of but maybe to the average forex newbie it does not mean much in so far as understanding the meaning of the data presented. Having said that maybe a newcomer on the forex market does not want to know the inner workings of a system or software and couldn't care less as long as the product works and delivers what it claims to do.

Forex Mutant claims the product does not need any advanced technical setup procedures to get started unlike some forex robots that claim to be simple but once installed need highly advanced input data to get going. Most forex robots or software products claim the way to decide whether their product is viable is to compare it with another product and if a person did not see results with the other product then theirs claim to deliver the goods. Forex Mutant software also provides a no risk environment as no trades are executed without the permission of the operator of the system.

Lee Campbell developed Forex Mutant with one goal in mind and that was to level the playing field when it comes to forex trading as he claims ordinary people are not being told the truth about trading forex. In essence the software generates buy/sell signals claiming these signals are extremely accurate. These signals only need to be copied and pasted to a person's trading platform. This essentially means in order to use the software a trading platform is required although to some people this might seem obvious but maybe not to a newcomer that wants to start with trading. There is absolutely no difficulty involved installing the software and like most systems it works with any currency pairs and there is no minimum trading amount required. Various bonuses are offered with the package and it is claimed to be available only to a pre determined number of buyers.

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