Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Providing Better Proof For Forex Automated Products

Forex Special When you are thinking about buying a Forex robot or expert advisor, is there anything in particular that should draw your attention? Well, you must gain sufficient confidence that the product will be capable of producing consistent profits over the long haul. What is the best way to achieve this goal?
You can do so by carefully studying the proof items supplied by the sellers. Unfortunately, this information tends to be deeply immersed within all the drawling sales literature that normally accompanies these devices. Consequently, the data supplied is usually substandard at best and even heavily manipulated at worse.
If you realize that most automated devices have failed to produce any reliable income streams in the past, then you should hardly be surprised at this state of affairs. Is there a superior method of producing proof of performance that can be readily verified by potential buyers including novices?
The Forex robot industry would certainly upgrade its reputation if better methods were adopted. There is one method in which you could place your faith and trust, but it does have a couple of stipulations. The first one is that you must be a serious user of Forex automated solutions and not just someone seeking an immediate solution to all their financial woes. This is because Forex trading and its automation are complex tasks and you may still need to work at achieving the optimum answers.
You cannot expect to just switch on a Forex expert advisor, sit back and watch the money pour in. This is because there could be awkward system bugs and the like that have to be ironed out which may not be possible in the initial versions of the product. Basically, you will need to develop a good rapport with the supplier of these devices in order to resolve these issues.
Another stipulation is that the product must work or be very close to doing so. This means that a positive expectancy value can be produced from its test results that can be readily verified by third parties including you. Sellers have not done this in the past because they had no faith in their products. 
The preferred method of producing proof would be to display it using live testing. Any potential customer would then be able to witness trading events develop before their own eyes and in real-time. In addition, you would not have to rely on data that was produced historically and outside the range of your own experiences.
Developers could produce snapshots and test results on a regular basis using a blog site. Potential buyers would then have the ability to completely confirm the performance parameters of all automated solutions of interest independently.
There are already a number of third party web-sites that provide such a service and do so quite often for free. You can locate them by doing suitable internet searches, such as: ‘Live Trading Analysis of Forex Robots’, etc. If you undertake good quality research, then you can minimize your bad experiences.


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