Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Trading Signals

Forex Special The trading strategies are based exclusively on technical analysis and are short term with a maximum time horizon of 3 to 5 days.
The philosophy behind the Today's Trading Signals (TTS) is to take low risk, high return positions with tight stops. That means Financial Trend Analysis (FTA) focus the most on placing the right stops.
Every morning FTA reviews the market and the specific strategy, recalculates the risk/reward and then determines the strategy regardless of previous strategy in the specific security. FTA can change the strategy from SHORT to LONG and vice versa regardless of the previous (day’s) strategy. That means that even though the original target in the “old” strategy has not been met FTA can close down a position and wait to re-enter, or reverse the strategy, if the signals have changed. FTA determine every strategy individually. For more explanation on the strategies please check out the Reading Guide on page two in the publication.
Kim Cramer Larsson presented a special webinar at FXstreet.com to explain how to read, understand and use this report.
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Download and read the brand new report published by Kim Cramer and Klaus Ikast. The two former analysts from Danske Bank have created their own financial company featuring exclusively and for the first time at FXstreet.com their trading signals for the day.
The Technical Trading Points you used to enjoy in a new format and on a daily basis only at FXstreet.com. Today's Trading Signals updates you on the latest technical analysis for the financial markets including bonds, currencies, equities and commodities. It covers intraday trading points (support and resistance), market trends and trading strategies (entry levels, stops, and target levels).
This ideal analysis report is useful for active traders demanding a technical approach to the markets. Definitely a must-read for your intraday trading plan!


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