Friday, August 6, 2010

ACM has introduced the 2010 Web Trader

Forex Special

ACM’s ( latest trading platform integrates new technologies and features not available during the original software development.

The new platform requires no download and comes with all the features expected of today’s FX dealing platforms plus: 

· 3D components for sophisticated navigation and information management

· Dedicated spread charts integrated to the trading windows

· New simplified market and limit order placement forms 

· Consumes less computer resources while provided enhanced data features

· Platform comes with two default skins– dark and light

As technology continues to progress, ACM will always ensure traders have the best tools available to meet their trading, risk-management and monitoring needs. 

For more information or for a free software trial, visit

Since its creation, ACM has grown continuously and now maintains sizable offices in Geneva, Zürich, New York, Dubai and Montevideo. ACM offers its clients fast, efficient and secure access to 4 different trading platforms as well as outstanding execution conditions.


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